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Take back your time.

With Cornwall's premier office cleaning service, you no longer need to sacrifice your productivity and peace of mind to mundane office cleaning tasks. Let us handle the grime in your office, enabling you to reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters - running your business to the best of your abilities.

How we can help your business

Productivity Boost

Non-janitorial employees burdened with office cleaning tasks often lose focus on their primary roles, leading to productivity dips. Engaging our professional office cleaning service ensures employees can devote their full energy to their professional roles, enhancing business productivity and efficiency.

Healthy Environment

In many cases, office cleaning tasks can be neglected due to employees' busy schedules, resulting in unsanitary working conditions. Our professional office cleaning service can ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the workspace, which is important for the health and wellbeing of all staff members.

Stress Reduction

The added responsibility of maintaining a clean workspace can result in increased stress for employees. With our professional office cleaning service in place, employees can be relieved of these responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their work and reducing workplace stress.

Company Image

A clean and tidy workspace leaves a positive impression on both staff and visitors, enhancing the overall image of the company. With our professional office cleaning service, businesses can ensure a consistently clean and organized environment, projecting a professional and efficient image.

Services we offer

We provide Cornwall a wide array of commercial office cleaning services in designed to meet the unique needs of your business environment.

Commercial office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Routine cleaning of offices, including desks, chairs, conference rooms, and other common areas. This would typically involve dusting, vacuuming, and waste removal.

Office bathroom cleaning

Bathroom Sanitization

Deep cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, and mirrors. This service could also include restocking necessary supplies like soap and toilet paper.

Office kitchen cleaning

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and breakroom areas, countertops, tables, and chairs.

Office carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning of carpets to ensure the thorough removal of dirt and allergens, restoring their cleanliness and freshness.

Office window cleaning

Waste and Recycling Management

Regular removal of trash and recyclables from all office areas, along with proper sorting and disposal.

Door knob sanitation

High Touch Point Sanitization

Special attention to areas and objects that are frequently touched, like doorknobs, light switches, and keyboards. This service is especially important in reducing the spread of germs.

Frequently asked questions

What types of businesses does Every Square Inch service?

We primarily specialize in servicing office-based businesses across various industries. Whether you operate a small startup office or manage a large corporate office, we're equipped to meet your office cleaning needs. Although our focus is on office environments, our skilled team is adaptable and experienced in handling diverse workspace setups. We ensure to maintain cleanliness, promote health and hygiene, and contribute to a more productive office environment, covering every square inch of your business space to meet and exceed your expectations.

What specific tasks are included in your commercial office cleaning service?

We provide a comprehensive set of tasks under our commercial office cleaning service. This includes routine cleaning of offices, focusing on desks, chairs, and common areas. We perform deep cleaning and sanitization of bathrooms and restock necessary supplies. Our team also ensures cleanliness in kitchen and breakroom areas, including countertops, tables, and chairs. We offer high dusting services to remove dust and allergens from hard-to-reach areas. Carpet cleaning, waste and recycling management are also part of our services. Importantly, we prioritize high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, and keyboards to reduce the spread of germs.

How frequently should we schedule cleaning services for optimum results?

The frequency of scheduling cleaning services depends on several factors, including the size of your office, the number of employees, the type of work being done, and your specific preferences. For most office environments, we typically recommend a cleaning schedule of one or two visits per week to maintain a consistently clean and healthy workspace. However, we are more than happy to discuss your unique needs and tailor a cleaning schedule that best suits your business requirements and ensures optimum results.

How quickly can we expect a response after requesting a quote?

After you submit a request for a quote, you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours. We believe in providing accurate and customized estimates, so we prefer to arrange a visit to your office space as part of our process. This allows us to understand your specific needs, the size and layout of your workspace, and any unique cleaning requirements you might have. This in-person evaluation helps us give you the most accurate quote and design an effective cleaning plan for your business.

Can your cleaning schedule be adjusted to match our business hours?

Certainly, we understand that reducing disruption to your business operations is crucial. We can adjust our cleaning schedule to match your specific needs, focusing our services during the times when it's least disruptive to your work. While we can't provide our services in the mornings or on Sundays, we are fully available during evenings, weekdays, and Saturdays. We are dedicated to providing our services in a way that respects your workflow and ensures a clean and productive workspace with minimal interruption. Please share your desired schedule with us and we will do our utmost to accommodate it.

How much do your commercial office cleaning services cost?

The cost of our office cleaning services varies as it's based on several factors such as the size of your office, the frequency of cleaning, and specific cleaning needs. To provide you with the most accurate estimate, we prefer to visit your office space in person. This allows us to assess the workspace, understand your specific requirements, and then provide a customized quote that truly reflects your needs. We believe this personalized approach ensures you get the best service without any surprises when it comes to cost.

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